Brenda G. Smith is Retirees on the Move


Meet Brenda G. Smith

By Beverly J. Clark, Publicity Director

Brenda Smith

Meet Brenda Smith, who says she is a “happy Retiree.” Brenda worked for the City of Los Angeles for 39 years in three departments: Building and Safety, Public Works and the LAPD, where she retired as a Sr. Management Analyst. Of her City career, she says, “I met many friends and acquaintances. My career was rewarding, and I had a wonderful experience.

“I am an active member of my church and participate in our weekly Bible study. I am also very involved with the education of my grandchildren and the activities they are involved in.”

After three years of retirement, Brenda decided to work part time and went to work for Kohl’s Department store for eight years. She says, “It kept me busy and gave me an opportunity to get out of the house. But not anymore. I’m happily and completely Retired! “

Brenda has been married 50 years to her “wonderful husband Joe. We have one daughter and one son, five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. I enjoy spending family time with Team Joe, the name our family calls ourselves. We absolutely look forward to the holidays as a time of fellowship and good times spent together. Although the pandemic has changed how we celebrate family holidays, we still endured even though we were separated. We spent Christmas 2020 via Zoom by opening gifts with everyone wearing matching T-shirts and sharing love. Now that we have been vaccinated, we spend more family time together, but we are still cautious about resuming our full public activities.”

Brenda and Joe Smith

How do you fill your days in retirement?

“Retirement has given me the opportunity to do many of the things I love to do, as well as getting some of my home projects and home improvements checked off the list! I am also actively involved in the property management and renovation of my rental properties.
“I enjoy traveling, and in retirement I have traveled to many destinations including Alaska; Canada; New York; Massachusetts; Washington, D.C., Hawaii; and Florida. Before the pandemic, our family would meet bi-annually in Louisiana for a family reunion.”

What do you miss or don’t miss about your years with the City?

“I enjoyed working for the City, however, retirement began a new phase of life for me that I thoroughly enjoy. It feels good to wake up and not have to go to anyone’s job, not have to handle any work issues and not have to implement any new work programs. I love this phase of my life!”

How has the pandemic affected you?

“Part of my regular retirement routine before the pandemic would be to travel to Reno and Las Vegas to participate in bowling tournaments and sweepers. Many know that my favorite pastime is bowling, and I bowl in two leagues. I’m still trying to bowl that perfect 300 game but the highest I’ve attained is only a 264 scratch!”

Words of Wisdom to those about to retire

“The best advice I can give to current City employees is to make the best of your career and strive for that day when you can say, ‘I’m ready for that next phase of my life.’ Best wishes and stay safe from a happy Retiree!”

December is Brenda’s birthday month. We wish Brenda a “Happy Retired Birthday!”

Smith Family Christmas