A Shout Out to LACERS Well!


Retirees Update

By Beverly J. Clark, Publicity Director
Email: Beverly.Clark@RLACEI.org

If you ever have the opportunity to attend either by Zoom or in person one of the LACERS Well seminars, please be sure to do so as you will certainly learn something. I retired in 2009 and consider myself an “experienced” Retiree – that means I no longer feel the need to get up early, go to bed early, rush from place to place or stand in long lines. I now plan my shopping Tuesday through Thursday when most people are at work or in school. Why? Because I’m retired!

One of the hidden gems I just recently discovered is the seminars and classes offered by the Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System (LACERS). Last month, I had the pleasure of attending two classes offered by LACERS Well on Zoom. The first class was a six-week fitness class conducted by Sean Foy entitled “Fitness That Matters.” Sean got the class involved and made exercise relevant. He provided practical exercises with videos that most of us were actually able to do. Sean encouraged us as seniors to get active and set goals to stay active. I’ve found that moving about has improved my sense of well being.

The second seminar, “Aging Mastery Program,” was conducted by several delightful LACERS Well employees; Stephanie Smith, Wellness Program Manager; Kristal Baldwin, Benefits Analyst; Keeva Hudson, Administrative Intern; and Darnell Weatherspoon, Sr. Administrative Clerk. This program was outstanding! It was held twice a week for five weeks. The information provided was invaluable for any age but especially for seniors. The topics covered included exercise, sleeping habits, healthy eating, financial fitness, advance planning, healthy relationships, medication management, fall prevention and community engagement. The interactive class featured several guest speakers.

I was amazed to discover that even as a “seasoned” senior there are still new and exciting things to learn. I encourage everyone to register for this class the next time it is offered. A wealth of information was provided addressing all aspects of living, sustaining and improving our retirement adventure. Also, check the LACERS Well calendar for other courses that may be of interest. Find the calendar in your MyLACERS account under the “Events” tab. Be sure to watch for LACERS communications via email or direct mail for information about upcoming events.

On behalf of the RLACEI Board and its members, we would like to thank the LACERS staff and the LACERS Well team for offering these phenomenal courses that help enrich the lives of City Retirees! And best of all, they’re free of charge!