Anthem Supplement Plan Improves in 2022

For Retired Members:

The LACERS Board recently approved the 2022 health plan contract renewals. One very important change is that in 2022, the Anthem Life and Health Medicare Supplement plan will be replaced with the Anthem Blue Cross (Anthem) Medicare Advantage PPO plan for Members with Medicare Parts A and B. No action is needed on your part, and LACERS Members enrolled in the current Anthem Life and Health plan as of the end of 2021 will be automatically transitioned into the new Anthem Blue Cross Medicare Advantage PPO plan.

LACERS and Anthem are working to make the change seamless, and LACERS believes the benefits of the new plan will make it all worthwhile. Some highlights include: no deductible; $0 copays for medical care whether you see a provider in-network or out-of-network (the provider only needs to accept Medicare); the same pharmacy benefit; and several support programs to help Members stay healthy, such as SilverSneakers, emergency response system (like Life Alert), transportation, home visits, in-home care, nutritional support, caregiver relief, and much more! More than 96 percent of the providers used by our Members enrolled in the Medicare Supplement plan are already contracted with Anthem or accept Anthem plans. The remaining 3 percent are unknown but are likely to accept this plan since payment will be more efficient than with the Medicare Supplement plan.

LACERS wants to notify Members early of this change so that Members can talk to their provider as soon as possible to let them know of the change and ensure that they will accept the new Anthem Medicare Advantage PPO plan. If the provider has any questions or concerns, they can contact Anthem at (833)-848-8729 (TTY: 711), Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 6 p.m., and they will work to resolve any issue. More information will be forthcoming regarding this and other 2022 benefit enhancements.