Ahmad Hooshmand is a Retiree on the Move


Meet Ahmad Hooshmand

By Beverly J. Clark, Publicity Director

Ahmad Hooshmand

Ahmad Hooshmand retired from Public Works/Engineering in 2010 after 30 years of service as a Civil Engineer Associate.

Ahmad says, “I had a wonderful, long career in the Bureau of Engineering and worked in a variety of technical design offices.”

His strong background in street, storm drain, and sewer design qualified him for working in Public Works’ private development as a Sr. Associate Plan Checker and a Construction Coordinator.

“I reviewed and coordinated several important projects in the City, including the Disney Concert Hall and the Staples Center.

“Working as a Sr. Associate for Public Works gave me great pleasure. I was able to meet and work with other Engineers, Architects, contractors, Inspectors and developers and most importantly was part of a team.”

Ahmad states that being a part of a team and working together on projects are what he misses most from his long, wonderful career working for the public.

“I graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Master’s degree in civil engineering in 1980. My wife Cheryl passed away in 2011. We have two daughters, Sarah and Farrah.”

What are your passions?

“I have always had a passion for painting since I was young. Now, after retirement, I have more time to paint. Most of my oil paintings are in impressionist style. I love the Vincent Van Gogh and French painters’ work, but I use my own style with brushes and knives.”

Since retirement, have you joined any organizations?

“I am a member of several art associations locally (Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks and Santa Paula).

“We have an art club at the City Center in Simi Valley, and I enjoy painting with other artists at the center; we sometimes travel to paint. I also participate in several local art shows every year, and I absolutely love the art museums.”

Ahmad has included some of his paintings of South Utah and Arizona for publishing in Alive!

How do you fill your days in retirement?

“COVID definitely changed our lives but gave me more time to paint at home. I work two days a week from home for the City of Beverly Hills as a Civil Engineer Consultant. Since retirement, I have had the fortune to travel to many countries.”

Any words of wisdom?

“My words of wisdom for my fellow Retirees: travel as much as you can, fill your days with your passions, listen to music, walk in the nature … life is great, my friends.”