The Club (also known as the Employees Club of California) is a unique membership organization that strives to connect City employees by building a community-oriented network of information and discounted products. The Club is run by a board of director’s which is comprised entirely of city employees, both active and retired.

Who can Join?


What does the Club Offer?

The Club’s offerings revolve around keeping the employees of Los Angeles “connected” with one another as well as with city government. The Club also offers deep discounts on theme park/movie tickets, nationwide business insurance products and with the use of the “Club Card”.

The Alive! Website

Rewrite To keep employees connected,the Alive! Newspaper is published monthly. The Alive! keeps employees connected to what’s happening across their desk and across the City. It features:

  • Discount ticket price and merchandise listing
  • Up-to-date lists of births, weddings, promotions, retirements and deaths
  • Free classifieds for members
  • An opinion column where employees can vent or praise on any subject called Letters to the Editor
  • A “Department of the Month” feature that includes a message from the General Manager and many photos of that department’s employees doing their jobs
  • Movie Reviews submitted by city employees
  • News that’s relevant to city employees
  • A retirees’ section called the Best Years that focuses on the needs of the 30,000 retirees
  • Claim updates from our Life, disability and Cancer insurance
  • “Cooking with the Club” column with the Club’s own Chef Larios

Group Rated Insurances

As employees of the City of Los Angeles including the DWP, our members have exclusive access to some amazing group rated insurance products catered to the needs of city employees. The Club’s insurance products are all covered by highly accredited major insurance companies operating in the United States.

Amazing Discounts and Deals!


Why should I become a member of the Club?

In numerous focus groups, on site visits and in lunchroom conversations, City employees tell us that they don’t feel like a part of the community of city employees. The Club is a community-building program designed to connect City employees with one another. It also is designed to harness the power of the City population by securing major discounts in products and services.

What happened to LACEA (the Los Angeles City Employees Association)?

In 2002, we changed our name from LACEA to the Employees Club of California of Los Angeles. We did this because we elevated our focus from an insurance-only association to membership & insurance organization. LACEA is still our official “behind-the-scenes” business name as is LACEA Insurance Service