A Note on COVID-19


To Our RLACEI Retirees:

The Board is confident that all of you are taking the proper precautions to stay as healthy and as safe as possible and are following all the policies that governmental agencies are recommending. Please be reminded that most of us are in the age group that is most vulnerable. In recent days, it has been about reopening. Living in this new reality of post-lockdown is promising but will also most likely be as equally confusing and uncertain.

Until a vaccine is discovered, our lives will be overshadowed by the threat of coronavirus. Social distancing and other safety measures will be the norm. It will be a time of adjustments after the lockdown is lifted. The impact of the coronavirus and the actions taken by various government agencies will become evident slowly over the next few months, especially social distancing measures and the economic impact of the lockdown. Stay safe and stay healthy.