2020 LACERS Insurance Plans Have Added Benefits


Michael Wilkinson, LACERS/Legal Representative

By Michael R. Wilkinson, LACERS Commissioner

As you may know, LACERS is having an extended period for open enrollments this cycle, which runs through March 31, 2021. I am happy to report that there are several improvements to the LACERS health plans that we were able to negotiate for the 2021 plan year.

The added benefits include:


  • Transportation benefit: 24 one-way trips per year to medical appointments and pharmacy added to Senior Advantage
  • Fitness program: Active and Fit gym membership program is added to the HMO plan (under 65) like what is offered for the Senior Advantage plan
  • Online Fitness: More than 4,000 online fitness classes that include cardio, dance, meditation and bootcamp through ClassPass
  • Calm App: A meditation app that helps lower stress and encourages mindfulness
  • MyStrength: This digital app helps mem bers help build emotional wellness by setting goals and plans to become stronger and happier

Anthem Blue Cross

  • Lifetime maximums removed from PPO and Medicare supplement plans. The $2 million lifetime cap has been removed and it is now unlimited
  • Increased drug allowance. The monthly limit for drugs under the Select Generics benefit is increased from a 90-day to a 100-day supply
  • Telehealth visits: Visual telehealth visits are added on the same terms as office visit for in network non-COVID19 visits
  • Sydney Health App: The app allows access to your account and includes a link to make a doctor visit using live video


  • Prescriptions extended from three months to 100 days
  • Health Tech. A technology support line to help using your computer to access medical care
  • Brain HQ: A brain fitness program that helps improve memory and attention
    United Healthcare
  • Transportation benefit: 30 one-way trips per year for medical appointments and pharmacy
  • Meal delivery program: Three meals a day for four weeks following discharge from an inpatient hospital or nursing home stay

Note: Information listed here is based on LACERS 2021 Open Enrollment overview.

Correction: In November’s LACERS Board Update, the year-to-date investment returns were incorrectly reported as plus 4.47 percent. The correct amount is minus 4.47 percent. Alive! regrets the error.