46,000 Calls to Members and Counting

The Club “Care Calls” project continues its efforts to call all 50,000 active Members to say hello and check on how you’re doing during the current coronavirus pandemic.

To date, the Club’s callers have reached out to 46,000 Club Members. (That’s pretty incredible.) If you’ve already heard from your Club rep on the phone, great! We trust you enjoyed the call. If you haven’t been contacted, we’ll be calling everyone!

We’re also fulfilling requests from Club Members to help them obtain necessary materials. So far we’ve shipped some 21,000 items. Here’s a partial list of products we’ve shipped to Club Members, and how many:

Masks: 6,574
Gloves: 10,620
Toilet paper rolls: 632
Paper towels: 224
Hand sanitizer bottles: 613
Boxes of wipes: 100
Tissue boxes: 19

Let us know how we can help you!


Meet the Callers

Some 30 Club staff members are calling all 50,000 active Club Members as part of the Club “Care Calls” project. Pictured here are some of those staffers. Tell them we said hello!



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