Goodbye, Chief Beck

Chief Charlie Beck retires after 43 years of City service. Photos by Club Staff and courtesy City In a ceremony June 27 at Los Angeles Police Headquarters across the street from the Club Store, longtime LAPD...

Cruzing for Good

9-1-1 Operator rides between two centers for funds for dept. picnic. Gabby makes her way to the Valley, monitored by Valley Traffic and Air Support. On July 19, PSR Gabby Cruz hopped on her bike and...

Juliette McAllister retires from the City after 16 years of City service.

Juliette McAllister, Administrative Clerk, Rec and Parks at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium, retired June 22 with a celebration at Taxco’s Mexican Restaurant in Ranch Palos Verdes.

Library gathers all staff together for first time in dept. history.

On Nov. 14, Library closed all 73 libraries so that staff could gather together for the department’s first ever staff development day, held at the Convention Center. The day included keynote addresses that everyone attended...

FireStatLA Manager Drew Steinberg honored for obtaining $15 million grant.

On Aug. 23, the LAFD honored FireStat for being instrumental in generating millions of dollars for the department...

Chicano employees association installs new leadership.

LACECA – the Los Angeles City Employees Chicano Association – is excited to announce its new Executive Board elected to serve the term July 2018 through July 2020.

Ted Ross, ITA General Manager, Honored by City Council

Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez and the Los Angeles City Council honored Ted Ross, General Manager, ITA, on June 6 for being selected as the Los Angeles Business Journal’s 2018 CIO of the Year. The Chief Technology...

Airport Police welcomes two new Officers

In a graduation ceremony held at the LAPD Academy in Elysian Park, 36 members of LAPD Class 3-18 took thier oath as Police Officers, including two Los Angeles Airport Police Officers.

Thanks for the Service!

Airports employees honored for years of service. Story and photos courtesy René Anderson, Airports On April 12, Airports held its bi-annual Milestone Service Years event, which honors employees who achieve 30, 35, and 40 years of...

LAPD Above and Beyond event honors courage and bravery in protecting the City.

On Sept. 27, the LAPD hosted its important annual “Above and Beyond” ceremony, which this year honored 29 officers who have demonstrated the highest level of courage and bravery in protecting the City.