Retire the Right Way!

Club, Retirees Association present an innovative expo for pre-retirees.

For anyone thinking about retiring in the next five years to the recently retired, this event is for you! The Club and the RLACEI (Retired Los Angeles City Employees, Inc.) are hosting the first of its kind – an innovative expo focusing not just on forms and schedules, but how to retire the right way.

This informative – and fun! – expo will include seminars, presentations and workshops by life experts and retirement advisers. Topics will include retirement strategies and asset protection.

Read all about it in this month’s Alive! feature.

Produced by the Employees Club of California and the Retired Los Angeles City Employees, Inc. (RLACEI)

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Enjoy access to a number of great vendors, with more to come! (Ask about the Bingo Card!)

  • Bull’s Bikes
  • Costco
  • Employees Club
  • Foresters Financial
  • JSA Consultants
  • Los Angeles Federal Credit Union (LAFCU)
  • Los Angeles City Deferred Compensation
  • Los Angeles City
    Department on Aging
  • Los Angeles City Employees Retirement System (LACERS)
  • Los Angeles County Aging
    and Community Services
  • Mom’s Computers
  • Montrose Travel
  • Retired Los Angeles City Employees, Inc. (RLACEI)
  • Sprint


Speaker Spotlight

Laura Trejo, MSG, MPA
General Manager, LA Dept. of Aging

 Laura Trejo, the City’s foremost expert on aging, was the first Latina appointed to General Manager in the City of Los Angeles. She is responsible for the overall administration of the LA Dept. of Aging, serving one of the largest and most diverse concentrations of older people in the United States. She serves as a technical and policy adviser to the mayor and City Council and represents the City of Los Angeles before the public, community, and private groups on matters affecting senior citizen affairs. She is the City’s lead for Purposeful Aging Los Angeles, an age-friendly initiative to make the Los Angeles region the most age friendly in the world.

In her previous post, Ms. Trejo served as the first District Chief for older adult mental health for Los Angeles County. Laura is a gerontologist with a Master of science in gerontology, Master of public administration, and a graduate certificate in Long Term Care Administration, all from the University of Southern California. 

Los Angeles magazine named her among the “50 Most Influential Women” in the United States.

Janet Morris
JSA Consultants

Janet R. Morris, Esq. has practiced in elder law for the past 33 years. She was formerly the director of the Family Caregiver Project at Bet Tzedek Legal Services. She has her own elder law practice, where she finds solutions to family crises involving long-term care. Janet serves on numerous local and statewide committees and as technical adviser to many projects concerning the legal rights of elderly and incapacitated individuals. She has co-authored numerous articles and publications, including the “Caregiver Companion,” and has delivered hundreds of speeches in both English and Spanish.

Janet has received awards from AARP, KCET, the Skirball Foundation, MAPS Charities and the California Council for Gerontology and Geriatrics for her professional contributions in this area. She serves on the Alzheimer’s Los Angeles public policy and program committees and on the Board of Directors of MAPS Charities. Janet received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of California, Berkeley, and her law degree from the University of San Francisco.

Cheryl Martin
Club Counselor, Long-Term Care Insurance Expert

The Club’s own Cheryl Martin, one of the best-known Club employees, is the Club’s expert on Long-Term Care insurance. She’s never been featured at a retirement event until now; attendees to the Expo will benefit from her expertise and wisdom. Cheryl has worked with City Employees through the Club for more than seven years. She has helped many hundreds of Club Members gain a more secure future by obtaining Long-Term Care insurance.

Cheryl grew up in New Orleans; her mother worked at a nursing facility for more than 45 years. Cheryl worked with her for 7 of those years. There, she saw why Long-Term Care insurance is so important.

“We’re all living longer,” she says. “It’s so important that someone is able to take care of you in your home. Long-Term Care insurance helps make that possible. “I love people in general,” she continues. “I saw the downside of aging in the senior center – nobody wants to be a burden. So it’s my passion to educate people in protecting their income and taking care of their future.”


‘A Purposeful Life, a Purposeful Retirement’


The team putting together the upcoming inaugural Pre-Retirement Expo talks about why it’s so important, and how they see it as becoming an major annual event. The team includes: Ruth Perry, President and Membership Director, Beverly Clark, Vice President and Publicity Director, and Phil Orland, Health Director, RLACEI; and Club staff Robert Larios, COO; Summy Lam, Director of Marketing; Cheryl Martin and Mary Ann Urdiales, Club Counselors; Noelle Kauffman, Member Services Manager; and Mariana Guevara, Tickets and Benefits Procurement Manager.

Q: What is the Pre-Retirement Expo all about?

Ruth Perry: To promote awareness of and remove some of the phobias about preparing for retirement. It’s never too early to begin preparing to better ensure financially secure and fulfilling retirement years.

Beverly Clark: The Expo is a collaboration between the Club and RLACEI to host a seminar for City employees who anticipate retiring within the next few years. The Expo will focus on preparing soon-to-be Retirees for retirement by providing financial advice and procedures to take in preparation for retirement.

Summy Lam: The Pre-Retirement Expo is about providing our Members an opportunity to have a happier and more enjoyable retirement.

Noelle Kauffman: It’s going to be a fun event for Members to learn everything there is to know about retirement so that our Members feel confident about the process and the transition is as smooth as possible.

Q: How excited are you about the Expo?

Ruth: What can be more exciting than preparing for your retirement years? This is what we have worked for all our lives. Now it’s time to reduce the work stress and the commute time and begin spending more time with family, taking care of ourselves, traveling, and doing all the things we’ve never had time to do before.

Beverly: It is absolutely an exciting event for both Retirees and soon-to-be Retirees. The Expo has planned a very energetic agenda with topics and speakers that will be very helpful and informative to all attendees. We want attendees to leave looking forward to their retirement years as being the “the best years!”

Summy: This will be an epic event filled with food, fun, education, and camaraderie among Los Angeles City Employees.

Noelle: Yes, many vendors and outlets for Members to experience plus lunch – always a bonus!

Q: What do you hope attendees learn?

Ruth: All attendees will leave being more aware that their retirement years can potentially be the most financially secure and fulfilling years of their lives. A purposeful life should translate into a purposeful retirement, and both RLACEI and the Employees Club want to deliver that exciting message to all City employees.

Beverly: Our goal is to prepare attendees for retirement by providing information and awareness. Attendees should leave with a plan for their life after City employment.

Summy: All City Employees will retire at some point in their careers. Whether they are with the City of Los Angeles or with another company, they will certainly want to find ways to maximize their income and save on daily expenses such as dining, entertainment, travel and shopping. The Club will be there for you today and tomorrow to help you save money and enjoy a happier retirement.

Q: How did this start? How did the team develop the Expo?

Ruth: In our goal to provide our potential new Members the best possible information regarding what RLACEI stands for, we felt is was important for them to know that planning for retirement is more than just about filling out paperwork. Issues like financial stability, the right frame of mind, the current and future needs of our families, and much more can make a significant impact on our decision to retire. Obtaining relevant information, educating oneself and knowing when the best time to retire is can make all the difference in our ability to enjoy our retirement years.

Summy: There aren’t many retirement events that Los Angeles City Employees can attend to get assistance on comprehensive retirement strategies. There are certainly not many events, if any, that will promote a “fun factor” for life after retirement.

Noelle: I would love for attendees to get a lot of Long-Term Care insurance information. It’s the most important insurance they can have to protect their hard-earned assets.

Q: How will the Expo be innovative?

Ruth: This Expo will be innovative because it’s delivering the message that planning for retirement is more than just a paperwork process. It’s an exciting state of mind! It’s taking a different look and a different approach to planning for a new chapter in our lives.

RLACEI and the Employees Club are motivated to deliver the message that we are here to inform our members and future members in all aspects of benefits, which includes the preparation for those benefits received in retirement.

Beverly: This is the first joint partnership between the Club and RLACEI to host an event directed specifically to those planning to retire. Our Expo will address many of the topics that are not considered until after retirement, when it may be too late for some decisions. This Expo will provide attendees more information in broader areas of retirement so that better plans can be made.

Noelle: This is the first Expo of this nature the Club has ever produced. We’re very excited about bringing this to our Members.

Q: The Club and RLACEI are all about service. How does this serve the Members?

Ruth: The definition of service is “the action of helping or doing work for someone.” Everything about this Expo fits into that definition. Doing the work to provide quality speakers and information to help our members make the best decisions regarding their retirement is one of the best services our organizations can provide.

Summy: Club Members will have the opportunity, under one roof, to get more out of their membership with direct access to our member services team, and various Club partners for a more hands-on experience.

Q: Talk about the quality of the speakers and presenters.

Ruth: Committed, passionate, and professional are only a few words to describe the individuals scheduled to present at the Expo. They include doctors, lawyers and outstanding Club staff.

Noelle: The Club’s famous Long-Term Care Insurance Counselor, Cheryl Martin, will be speaking on the product. Everyone should hear her speak at some point. She’s passionate about helping out Club Members.

Q: Why are the Club and RLACEI great partners for the Expo?

Ruth: The partnership with the Club and RLACEI has the potential to reach a greater audience of both Retired and working employees. The Retired community stays informed of current activities to keep active and goal-oriented, and the currently working community has an opportunity to prepare and plan more effectively for retirement.

Summy: RLACEI brings insights from Retired Los Angeles City Employees who have first-hand experience on the retirement process and a direct voice to help future Retirees understand what to expect throughout the whole process. RLACEI provides a bridge to fill the void for an active employee as they transition into retirement.

Noelle: RLACEI is the Retirement expert and the Club is the Member benefits and experience experts. Together, we can create an amazing, informative Expo for near-Retirement Members.

Q: Do you expect the Expo to become an annual tradition?

Ruth: I would love to see this become an annual event. Planning for retirement can be intimating when you don’t know all the answers nor the questions to ask. The idea of providing this information to those who plan on retiring soon and even to those who don’t plan on retiring soon but need to start putting their financial securities in order for a better retirement financially, as well as, establishing a plan for a healthy lifestyle. I would like to see representatives from Deferred Comp and the Blue Zone invited in the future. After the debriefing would be the best time to determine the frequency of hosting these events.

Summy: We’re hoping to provide additional events through the year that will benefit our Members – perhaps a semi-annual Pre-Retirement Expo to accommodate our Members’ busy schedules.

Thank you, everyone! We’ll see you at the Expo.



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